When it comes to choosing a Canadian city to live in the most popular options usually are Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, and Victoria. Each city has their advantages and disadvantages, as do every other Canadian city but those are the cities that most people say they would want to live in if given the choice.

If for some reason you're of the opinion that you want to live in Toronto and are read to buy Toronto condos then you should curb your enthusiasm right now. Unless you have a huge savings account lined up or a job that will provide you with a steady income you won't be able to afford the high cost of living in Toronto. The cost is what you need to be focusing yourself with if you plan on moving to and living in Toronto. There's no point in looking at real estate properties if you can't afford to live there.

Sure, living in Toronto offers you a lot, such as a great nightlife, plenty of entertainment options, a vibrant and multicultural group of residents, and plenty of professional sports teams, but it also comes with a higher price tag than living in a smaller community. Go to a local mortgage website to see how much you would have to spend to live in Toronto.

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Some costs you might have to deal with include rent, mortgages, transportation, insurance, taxes, and food. If you decide to buy a loft unit for example, you're looking at a mortgage payment, insurance payment, and any costs associated with upkeeping your home. Not too mention how much money you're going to have to spend on food in order to survive while living in Toronto. You don't want to go hungry, do you? Probably not. The average money spent on food for a family of four every week in Toronto is just over $135. That means you're going to be spending almost $550 every month on groceries alone. Can you afford that?

Rent, mortgage, insurance, and food are all costs you have to spend when it comes to living in Toronto. Just think of the money you'd be spending if you wanted to go on a date to a movie or concert? You have to buy the tickets, pay for a taxi if you want to drink, and pay for a meal before or after the show. All those costs add up over time.

If you're really in the mindset of wanting to live in Toronto then you better be able to handle how much it's going to cost you to live in Toronto so find yourself a good house and a good paying job.

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