If you're considering a real estate purchase in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) you'll be glad to know that there are a number of wonderful Toronto neighborhoods such as Yorkville, in which you'll be able to purchase a home and start a life. Toronto and the GTA area is great for that because of how diverse Toronto is. Each neighbourhood is unique in its own way and when you're looking at local house listings or condo listings you should keep that in mind when deciding which part of the city would be right for you.

The first thing that catches the eye of prospective homeowners looking to purchase real estate in Toronto is how pricey the area can be. When it comes to real estate prices looking at the average sales prices of real estate properties is a good way to go about your real estate buying search. For example, the average price for a resale home in January of 2013 was just a little over $901,000. That's just the average price of a Toronto resale home and doesn't go into much detail about specific neighbourhoods.

For instance when taking a look at the High Park neighbourhood in Toronto and the High Park real estate Toronto market you'll come to find that real estate properties in High Park lean more on the high end of the price spectrum. The reason why that is has to do with the fact that High Park is one of the top Toronto neighbourhoods and is a coveted neighbourhood to live in. How could it not be with its features that includes winding streets, gently rolling hills, enchanting oak trees, the beautiful High Park, which includes almost 400 acres of picnic grounds and is the largest cultivated green space in all of Toronto. You can also contact local experts, such as Patrick Rocca, a local Merton Street real estate agent who can find your ideal home in Leaside.

Another feature that lures many people into High Park is how close it's located to the Bloor West Village shopping district. With all the amazing features of High Park real estate it's no wonder that some houses in the area on the market can fetch $870,500, which is the average sales price of a detached home in High Park. Shopping for real estate in any area can be tough but doing so in Toronto because of the attractive neighbourhoods in Toronto such as Yorkville, High Park, Richmond Hill, Leaside and Vaughan, just to name a few, makes a tough decision even more difficult. Eventually you'll be done your property search and settle on the perfect home in a neighbourhood that suits you, your needs and your living style. Good luck!

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