If you're considering making a real estate purchase in Toronto, whether you're interested in condos or luxury Toronto real estate properties this is the website you want to be reading! We're going to do our very best to provide you with as much information about the Toronto real estate market that will have you prepared for your Toronto real estate buying journey! Don't think that this site isn't a good resource for you if you own real estate in Toronto and want to get in on the Toronto homes for sale action; we have plenty of information for you too so keep on reading!

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The thing interested buyers or sellers of real estate in Toronto always are wondering about is the Toronto real estate pricing. How much do homes in certain areas cost? It's a good question to ask and might be the most important one, whether you're browsing Brampton houses for sale or want to list a house for sale in Toronto.

When you look at the average price of homes for all of Toronto that number is $503,700. When you break it down into types of real estate properties you get the following average prices:
-$672,800 for a single family detached home.
-$541,200 for a single family attached home.
-$363,500 for a townhouse.
-$307,200 for an apartment.

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If money is your biggest concern hopefully those numbers will help make your decision a little bit easier. The one thing you need to remember and that the agent who showed you splendid condos central Toronto will undoubtedly tell you about Toronto is that there are many neighbourhoods that make up the Greater Toronto Area and they also each have their own average home values. For instance the average home price of a single family detached home in Richmond Hill is $721,900 while the same type of property is valued at $262,100 in Oshawa. That's a pretty big discrepancy but if location matters you should budget yourself accordingly and do some in-depth research on the various GTA neighbourhoods such as Halton Hills, Mississauga and Markham, just to name a few.

When it comes to availability in Toronto you can be thankful that there is a good rate of homes available for sale on the market, as the Toronto market has become better supplied. With home prices gradually dropping that has led to homes not selling as quickly, and in fact, when you compare real estate sales in Toronto now to this time of last year a decrease of over 7% in homes sales has occurred. So now might be the time you start looking at Toronto mortgages if you're in the market to buy.

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