If you were to ask somebody who lived in the USA what the capital of Canada is they might answer Toronto. While it might be a shock to some people, the capital of Canada is not Toronto, no matter how much they want to believe that it is. However, Toronto is the capital of Ontario. That doesn't make it any less appealing to live in though.

Ask any real estate agent and they'll tell you that there are plenty of people who want to move to Toronto. It's just that there might not be enough houses available for everybody to move into. Or the real estate prices in the Toronto market might not be affordable for everyone's budget. If that's the case don't feel disappointed because there are other places to live that make up the Greater Toronto Area.

Just because you can't live in, say downtown Toronto doesn't mean you can't be a part of the GTA. There are plenty of houses for sale in Aurora, Oakville, or Markham, just to name a few, that will allow you to still be a part of Toronto. If you aren't as knowledgeable about the GTA as you are Toronto then let us hit you up with some GTA facts and info so you will know a little more about it than you did before.

The GTA is Canada's largest metropolitan area and has a population of over 5.5 million people! The central city of the GTA is Toronto. Surrounded around Toronto are four regional municipalities: York, Peel, Halton and Durham. Those four municipalities and Toronto are at the centre of what is known as the Golden Horseshoe. Cities that make up the GTA are Ajax, Brampton, Burlington, Markham, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Whitby.

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The Golden Horseshoe is known for being highly industrialized and densely populated and is home to one-fourth of Canada's population! The GTA is a very important part of Canada, as one-fifth of Canada's GDP is generated from the area. Consider this stat: Quebec's GDP is less than the GDP of the GTA! Many top headquarters, about 40%, are located in the GTA, as are five of the largest banks in Canada. In the GTA you'll find leaders in automotive manufacturing, software production, wholesale and retail, telecommunications, sports, information technology, mining, agriculture, education, engineering and construction. Finding a job shouldn't be an issue.

For those with a multi-cultural background you will find plenty of neighbourhoods in GTA cities such as Mississauga, Vaughan, Whitby, Oakville or Burlington with strong Italian, Polish, French, Persian, Cantonese or Russian backgrounds. Talk to any real estate agents and they'll help you find a place in the GTA that will make you feel right at home.

Now that you know more about the GTA hopefully you'll consider moving there if you can't find a home in central Toronto.

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